Faces of the Future

Eta Alpha Gamma 2014 Graduation & Award Ceremony

2014 will mark Eta Alpha Gamma 10th anniversary. To make this year even more significant, our members has achieved a record breaking numbers of graduates. Eta Alpha Gamma Fraternity is proud to present our 2014 graduating members. Tune into HmongStarTV on Saturday May 31, 2014 to watch our Graduation & Award Ceremony.

Meet Our Bachelor Graduates

Chee Thao

Bachelor of Art in Psychology and Family Science


Chee doubled major with a B.A. in Psychology and Family Science. His college experiences were rewarding and satisfying. Chee felt that I learned more than just academics, but something more valuable that will stay with me for a lifetime; that is brotherhood. He first started college not knowing where to go, or who to fit in with. So, he rushed Eta Alpha Gamma during Fall of 2012 and that changed his conceptualize of college. A quote from Chee, "I knows that college is a long journey, and certain events may stop you down the road, and you may lose the motivation to continue, but there are brothers who may share similar experiences and help shed light on your goals."

Ber Lor

Bachelor of Art in History


In 2013, Ber graduated as a history major. He will be continuing his education towards the graduate counseling program at California State University, Sacramento. Two years ago he joined Eta Alpha Gamma with the hope in find people that shares his interests, which he have. As a member, a brother, and a Hmong man he eventually want to help the Hmong community grow academically once he's finish with graduate studies.

Xeng Yang

Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems


Xeng graduated in fall 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in the field of Computer Information Systems. He want to pursue a career in computer network administrator or computer consultant specialist. Xeng have 10 brothers and 4 sister, and is the second child of his family to graduate from college. He's married with three lovely kids, two daughters and one son. His future goals are to financially support his family, establish foundations to help assist our Hmong at Fresno State, and provide a network opportunity for members of this organization.

Her Yang

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology


Her was born in Thailand. When he was 8 years old his family immigrated to Wheatland, California. Struggling through grades school, he was held back one year. However, with determination he was able to finished High School and attended Fresno State. Her is graduating with his Bachelor of Art in Kinesiology. He is currently employed with City of Fresno Parks and Recreation. In the near future, Her is planning to pursuit a degree in Sports Administration.  



Meet Our Master Graduates

Fuechi Lor

Master of Science in Counseling


Born and raised in Fresno,  son of Chongkav Lor and Mayyia Lor, Fuechi Lor graduated with a Masters of Science in Counseling option Student Affairs and College Counseling with the Pupil Personnel Credential. Fuechi is currently employed at Fresno High school as a Job Developer assisting students with finding career related employment, and also assisting with college applications and requirements. His short term goal is become a high school counselor, and long term goal is to one day become a school Vice Principal or Principal at the high school level. A quote Fuechi adheres by was famously said by Socrates, "The unexamined life is not worth living." 

Cher Chang

Master of Science in Mathematics


Born in the refugee camp, Cher immigrated with his family to the United States in the mid-nineties.  Within six years after landing in America, he had attended six different schools.  It was not until high school that his family remained anchored and stopped moving around.  He graduated from McLane High School with honors and decided to attend Fresno State, where he’d received both his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Mathematics. Cher is currently a math instructor at Fresno City College and is planning to continue his education in the near future.