The mission of Eta Alpha Gamma Alumni Association of Fresno is to unite all graduated members and uphold strong relation with the undergraduate chapter at California State University, Fresno.


The purposes of the Association are to provide academic, leadership and financial support to the undergraduate chapter. Promote and advance the brotherhood to other university and the communities. Preserve the traditions and values of the Fraternity and served as a professional network for all Eta Alpha Gamma’s Graduate and lifetime members.  


If you want to know more about our Alumni Association please contact Toua Vang for more information.

Alumni Association of Fresno

Executive Officers

Name: Toua Vang

Officer Position: President & Chairman

Contact Info:

Year Graduated: 2009







Name: Pao Thao

Officer Position: VP/Secretary

Contact Info:

Year Graduated:

Name: Fong Xiong

Officer Position: Treasurer

Contact Info:

Year Graduated: 2007