Official Name: Eta Alpha Gamma Fraternity (Hmong-American Fraternity)


Nickname: Haf and Hmong frat

The Fraternity acquire it nickname "Haf" from our three unique symbols and “Hmong frat” from being the only Hmong-American fraternity on Fresno State’s campus.   


Colors: Blue, Black, and White

These are the main colors of Hmong men's traditional clothing. Blue represent success, black represent courage, and white represent peace.


Mascot: Rooster

Roosters serve many purposes in the Hmong culture. They are use at celebration, wedding, ceremony, and funeral by Hmong people all over the world.   


Plant: Rice Wheat

For many generations, rice wheat has been a main food source for the Hmong people. Even today in the United States many Hmong still eat rice with their meals.