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Understanding The Objective of Eta Alpha Gamma


California State University, Fresno has one of the biggest Hmong student populations in the United States. Since 1975, many Hmong student have attempted college, but only a few were able to achieved a bachelor’s degree or higher. According to U.S Census 2000, 60% of Hmong American aged 25 or older has obtained a high school diploma or equivalent. However, only 7% was able to achieved a bachelor's degree or higher.


Understanding how important a good education is for themselves and their family; six Hmong students at Fresno State came up with an idea of forming some type of organization that will help support them and future Hmong students to achieve a bachelor’s degree or higher.


As they continue to help each other achieve this common goal that they share, it became clear that the most important asset to have while in college was friendship. As their bond grew their idea grew into forming a Hmong-American Fraternity.  


The Founding of Eta Alpha Gamma


On a hot summer in 2004, after weeks of researching they finalized the three unique Greek Symbols that would represent their identity on campus. Pushing forward to make their idea a reality, they went on to establish the Fraternity’s logo, symbol, banner, and constitution.


On August 6, 2004 Eta Alpha Gamma was founded with the completion of the fraternity’s constitution. A month later California State University, Fresno officially recognized Eta Alpha Gamma as an active organization on campus. By the beginning of 2005, Eta Alpha Gamma opens its door to rush new brothers into the family.